Moose Park Café - enjoy a good cup of coffee with cakes

You will find our café by the park entrance where we serve sandwiches and cakes.

Looking for a café in Nässjö, Eksjö or Aneby? Welcome to us.

In the café you pay admission to the park and you can also have a look around the adjacent souvenir shop.

The café is situated in the barn were about 20 cows used to live and the unique interior of the 100 sq.m. café and souvenir shop is well worth a visit.

Today the farm still retains many of its features from the 1800s, its local character, fences and fields.

The café is easily accessible closeto way 32 in the triangel between Nässjö, Eksjö and Aneby (se map). Are you looking for a café, so you are welcome to us. You will always find a parking space near the door and can enjoy a pleasant moment in our beautiful landscape.